Zoe Dittrich-Wamser

Zoe Dittrich-Wamser

Kunstakademie Duesseldorf

The investigation of structures and surfaces is the common basis of Zoe Dittrich-Wamser’s work. Experiments with materials and their spatiality form the starting point of her artworks. Different techniques and materials are combined and their characteristics are examined. Many of the objects created recently are plaster sculptures that fascinate with their delicate details and surfaces. Items sewn from various textiles in different rounded shapes formed the mould into which the plaster was cast. The structure of the fabric, the seams and creases can be clearly seen on the plaster works and the cold and firm material gets a paradox optical softness.In this exhibition Zoe Dittrich-Wamser’s first paper work can be seen. Optically, it seems completely different, but the thoughts and the investigative aspect are very similar. The work consists of 288 paper cones, which the artist has formed and joined together with screws to create a coherent structure. The cones, standing on their tips, form two rectangular objects of equal size.

The connection of the seemingly fragile paper elements makes them a modular system that achieves stability. However, stability does not limit mobility. With the smallest possible floor contact, the objects adapt to uneven ground conditions and thus refer to the exhibition space. The white, simple surfaces of the paper cones provide a blank screen, which now reflects every light ratio of the room and changes optically through shadow and light. The objects reveal their agility. With their own structure, they form a mobile unit and conform to the spatial conditions.

As in the previous works, the materials are shown in an unusual way, thus revealing their versatility. The simple sheet of paper becomes a three-dimensional mobile structure that shows adaptability and strength at the same time and creates a remarkable volume.

© Anna Heldmann