Lander Van Der Borght

Lander Van Der Borght

St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp

Skin colored construction of a reversed pyramid with soft ropes hanging down from its peak attracts the first glance of the viewer. Digging deeper into the relationship of the sculpture and the video behind it, the presence of familiar colors is ubiquitous and creates an unusual emotional state. The playful contrasts between soft and hard elements are very apparent
in the work. Metallic and wood constructions keep you at a distance from intimacy.

The urge to take a look behind or inside the surface is satisfied
in the following video work. But are we truly inside? Immersed by the darkness accompanied by absorbing silence as well as
the familiar skin color took up by two projections, the viewer is embraced into deep intimacy. The image of the pyramidal construction opens up by giving a literal insight into a mouth emitting white pearls. The viewer is at once attracted to the beauty
of this process and disgusted by its repulsive appearance as something that may resemble a disease or an erotic act. The paradoxical coexistence of closeness and distance throw the viewer into emotional contemplation beyond rational explanations.

The following video work enters the idea of a viewer or a public into the private space. There is an exploration of behavioral shifts under broken privacy. Unusual masculine movements make you wonder from which perspective we are watching. Do we perceive another being or merely ourselves? The suspended sense opens up versatile interpretations. Even through fluidity confrontation is inevitable.

© Yevgeniya Lelgant