Karoline Schultz

Karoline Schultz

Kunstakademie Duesseldorf

Karoline Schultz was born in Hannover and has been studying at the Kunstakademie Duesseldorf since the 2016 winter semester. She deals with states of ambivalence, libido, the unconscious, the feeling of isolation and longing.

In this life-size, hallucinogenic sculpture, which has been modified over a complete semester, the young artist deals intensively with the relationship between veiling and revelation.
Karoline Schultz decided to sew the figure made of various materials such as plastic, metal, plaster, gases, fabric, latex milk, wood glue, concrete, plasticine, synthetic hair, pearls, car paint spray, wool, cotton wool and building foam into a second skin made of jersey fabric in order to cover the process steps again. Under the fabric, however, the irregular, only slightly processed structures are visible. And the empty space in the face gives the viewer the opportunity to look almost directly into the interior of the sculpture. The artist additionally worked on the material of the visual field by finely grinding it.

The character is titled “ver”, like the German prefix of a word that is not spoken to the end. When looking at the sculpture, the recipient associates numerous words, such as veiling, concealing, hiding, confusing, changing. He is responsible for the completion of “ver”, the confrontation with different surfaces, levels of observation and ultimately also the longing for the being behind the obvious, the being behind the things. Thus “ver” combines not only something repulsive, but at the same time also something attractive and is isolated and unbounded – visible from all sides – in space.

© Jochen Müller