Jaume López Cenizo

Jaume López Cenizo

St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp

Jaume López Cenizo was born in Barcelona and studied at the Facultat de Belles Arts Sant Jordi of the Universitat de Barcelona in 2001. After a twelve-year break, López resumed his studies in 2015 and initially focused on painting. Working with glass and later with clay offered López new forms of expression. With his change to the Sint Lucas School of Arts in 2017, the artist succeeded in following and rediscovering his path.
The work presented in Duesseldorf consists of a combination of a video work and three flat sculptures placed directly on the reddish tiled floor of the Weltkunstzimmer. The longish, black coloured sculpture is cast out of concrete, while the two roundish, lighter ones are cast out of cement. All sculptures are provided with natural pigments. His seven-minutes video work named “almost nothing”, which begins with sounds to gradually develop into silence, shows the viewer López’s way to translate his perceptions about the phenomenons are being surrounded himself in a new environment. Both the video work and the sculptures date from 2018.The video was made in a park just outside the city of Antwerp.

It is an eternal tension between too little, enough or too much. “Almost nothing” is what López calls his way of working, his special way of thinking. The way the Catalan works is precise, slow and above all quiet. In his works we see the minimal, but through this every detail takes on a higher meaning. He also sees his work in the Weltkunstzimmer as an experiment to question the reaction of the audience.

“My work never will end”, he regards his works more as chapters than as completed works, which would mean the end for him as an artist. For the past six months, the artist has been working intensively with the medium of video art, which he uses as a new visual alphabet. It helps him to express his experienced thoughts and feelings afterwards with the camera.

© Jochen Müller