Daphne Okon

Daphne Okon

St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp

Alluring darkness emitting peculiar sounds coupled with enigmatic red light invites the visitor to enter the room and approach the source of these phenomena. The atmospheric surroundings focus attention on a curved tube, which stands upright in the middle of the room and faces the viewer at eye level with its shiny, red, head-like end. The magnetic attraction of the sound, which mystically emerges from the depths of the red tube, seems to suck in the viewer along with their thoughts and their soul. The urge to discover the origin of the sound contrasts with the distance created by its dissonance.

Despite the installation’s contrasting elements, an aesthetic balance appears up on closer examination. The free space on the left is balanced out by the crammed table with two armchairs
on the right, which evokes the working space of the artist, who seems to have left the room just seconds ago. The photoprint picks up the image of the tube and extends it, showing a single arm desperately protruding from the inside.
The apparent coziness, created by the warmth of the red light and the well-arranged items in the room, contrasts with the dissonance of the sound. The dangerous appearance of the absorbent tube, which leads to an increasing sense of unease and provokes an inevitable confrontation with the loaded atmosphere, also negates the feeling of coziness. The resulting inner conflict opens up questions about the contradictory nature of the self and alludes to the true complexity of personal identity. The viewer experiences an individual encounter with their inner self and is completely absorbed by the mystical installation.

© Yevgeniya Lelgant