Casper Fredeus

Casper Fredeus

St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp

Casper Fredeus work ‚7‘ refers to the doctrine of the chakras. The seven most important chakra colours are embedded into his artwork. In conjunction with a floor installation, he thus creates a space of peace and an atmosphere that demands
a meditative examination of the works. The presentation of
the room consists of seven large canvases, partly monochrome, partly provided with symbols taken from the teachings of yantra. Various symbols are used and continue the meditative character of the whole spatial arrangement. Applied to linen cloths, they complement the canvases in their form of existence. Miscellaneous objects such as candles and dried flowers are spread out on another large linen cloth functioning as a ground installation. These objects were formerly used in rituals, now encouraging the visitor’s engagement with the atmosphere. Upon entering the room, the recipient plunges into an atmospheric, meditative environment that enables him to comprehend the artist’s intention and to allow himself into an experience that expands the senses. The artist offers every recipient the opportunity to linger in space and to meditate on the work.

Fredeu’s work is characterized above all by its processual origin. During preparations for the later artwork numerous individual approaches developed into a large whole; a chaotic-looking approach results in a harmonious combination. The created atmosphere supports a yoga class which is held in the exhibition space once a week and thus creates a symbiosis between art and meditation.

© Lara Müller