Ann Sow

Ann Sow

St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp

Ann SOW has a background as natural scientist and humanist. Signs of her analytical approach are still discernible, as she allows to be led by her intuition in a controlled way.
She often has the feeling that what she makes are exercises in composition and materiality, which can be redefined in a playful way through their decontextualization into a pure visual and haptic experience.

In this context, she created her performative sculpture “Sugar Me” for the first installment of the exhibition in which she used cotton candy, a highly unusual material in the world of art. This material defines the performative character of the sculpture through its properties, which are inseparably linked to a certain temporality. The delicate texture combined with the olfactory stimulus of the heated sugar makes this material a sensual experience for its recipients.

In terms of content, she explores the various states of human existence. In her installations, she reconstructs the atmosphere that gives you this unfathomable feeling of the former presence in the interior.

It is above all the playful character in contrast to the analytical way of thinking – which is always recognizable in the background when you look at her whole oeuvre – that make up Ann Sow’s works.

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