Aljoscha Lahner

Aljoscha Lahner

Kunstakademie Duesseldorf

Ajoscha Lahner’s artistic work, which is presented in the pastor’s house of St. Laurentius Church, shows a partition wall that divides the room and makes it inaccessible. The wall is joined together from six reflecting panels – comparable to a modular system – and defines the wall by alternating rows of convex and concave indentations. The decisive factor here is that the individual modules – plugged together to form a wall – are placed in a passageway and thus blocked. The wall as something usually two-dimensional is given an unusual, shallow three-dimensionality in this work.

Lahner plays with the architecture given to him by replacing space with his own new architectural boundary. Through this kind of artistic influence, his work manipulates the space originally created for a practical value and artificially defined by man. Lahner makes use of the architectural theory of forms of Greek antiquity and interprets it in his work. In the case of St. Laurentius Church, a pavilion is completely devided by the work: Lahner not only blocks access to the rest of the room, but also to an essential part of his work. Thus he draws not only a spatial boundary for the viewer, but also a visual one.

© Polina Sluzkaja