“Art is, what expands its own definition.”
– Hans Ulrich Obrist

What happens, when the lines between artists, curators and artworks are crossed? Students of Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf, the Art Academy Duesseldorf and the Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerp want to explore this question in a joint project. An exhibition, that dedicates itself to the freedom of the artistic and curatorial process of creation, will be conceived in an international context. The exhibition room ‘Weltkunstzimmer’ will act as a place of symbiosis, where all participants will live, work and exhibit together.

The result of the process is aimed to be a performative version of an art show. Right after, the documentation of the process, together with the created artwork will be exhibited in Antwerp.

The title of the show „∃B:∀A: ¬(A∈B) – freedom explained logically“ was created based on the project-manifesto.